Easiest Mass Notification Solution
- One-touch activation from any device
- Instant emergency reporting
- Easiest IPAWS/Cell Broadcast activation available
- Free user training, forever
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Modernized Emergency Management
- The most communication endpoints in one solution
- Two-way communication capability to ensure safety
- Personal safety app included at no extra charge
Evolve Your Program
Complete Emergency Response Ecosystem
- Integrated incident management & situational awareness
- Seamless system unification with most third-party vendors and notification devices
- Flexibility to support organizations of all sizes and scale as your needs expand
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A Trusted Partner for Safety and Security
- 20+ Years of crisis management expertise
- 24/7 Expert support
- Advanced architecture with auto-scaling and built-in redundancy
- Tier 1 communication partners
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Accelerate Response Times and Increase Safety

Built upon 20+ years of real-world crisis experience, AlertAware has evolved the emergency response market by extending beyond basic alerting and utilizing the most advanced mass notification solutions.

Protect Your People During an Emergency

When an emergency strikes, AlertAware’s one-click solution activates an alert to employees, students, partners, and other stakeholders, prompting them to report their safety status for easy tracking of who is and isn't safe.

Notify the Public Instantly through Cell Broadcast/IPAWS​

AlertAware offers the most accessible and user-friendly IPAWS integration on the market. Quickly activate AM, FM, Satellite Radio, broadcast cable, Satellite TV, and Wireless Emergency Alerts even if cell networks are overloaded.

Increase Personal Safety
with a Mobile App​

AlertAware’s mobile app allows your people to quickly request help or report an incident through their mobile devices. With two-way chat, location tracking, and more, you can ensure your people are connected when they need you.

Dramatically Improve Your Emergency Response Time​

AlertAware integrates with leading detection systems, including AI cameras, Smart Building technology, and lightning detection. When threats are detected, AlertAware automatically activates processes and communications without human intervention, accelerating response time when seconds count.

Reach the Right People with the Right Message

From personal phones to on-premise speaker arrays and desktops, AlertAware offers the most communication endpoints on the market to instantly disseminate critical information from a single, powerful platform.

Your Alert Messaging Solution, No Matter the Incident