Modernized Emergency Management

The Most Advanced Emergency Communication Solution​

While most legacy providers offer the basics, AlertAware, combined with Alertus, provides the most advanced emergency communication options on the market. Extending beyond basic texting, AlertAware provides one-click activation over multiple delivery mediums and uses standard protocols to increase that number exponentially, including integration with third-party applications.

Reduce Panic through
Targeted Messaging

When IPAWS was released, legacy vendors quickly built integrations. A rudimentary rendition of the IPAWs integration leads to a challenging and tedious process of activating IPAWS alerts, making most organizations fearful of using this robust technology. IPAWS is an excellent solution and complements a holistic emergency communication approach. We utilize UX and IPAWS experts to build the most user-friendly and intuitive IPAWS integration, unified with the features of AlertAware.

Consistently Providing
Easy Solutions

Our emergency messaging system deploys in minutes, and users can intuitively operate it with minimal training, meaning there is no need to take a course to learn how to activate or use the AlertAware System during an emergency. On the contrary, the current market contains legacy solution providers that have expanded their applications through add-on acquisitions, bolt-ons, and custom development – creating a flawed user experience.

Emergency Management is
more than Notifications