Comprehensive incident management. One powerful platform.

AlertAware is a complete incident management system integrated with automated detection and activation, a flexible workflow and rules engine, and a vast array of mass notification, crisis communication, and collaboration services.

Detection & Activation Utilize the latest innovations to ensure efficient detection and emergency system activation with no manual intervention. Command & Control Manage any event efficiently through the automated deployment of emergency response plans and continual command and control. Communication Ensure instant crisis communication across the entire team and on-site mass notification endpoints.

System Activation and Incident Management Made Easy

Avoid response delays when every second counts. Emergencies can occur at any time across your facility but are often unreported for several critical minutes when manual activation is required. AlertAware provides automatic alerting and the most coverage available on the market by linking state-of-the-art detection and incident activation into a single system. See AlertAware in action in the three scenarios below.

Active Shooter Detection and Alert Messaging Diagram

Deliver video of an assailant to emergency personnel within seconds of detection

Smoke Detector Alert and Emergency Evacuation Message Distribution

Send a building map with precise fire location to
first responders upon detection of smoke

Personal Safety: Panic Button Activation and Incident Reporting and Notification

Connect students to campus security as soon as they need help

A complete, automated system that saves critical time when seconds count

Incident Management

Swift and appropriate management of an incident are crucial, no matter how it is activated. AlertAware aggregates all data, processes, communications, and activity in a central view with many advanced features to streamline response and ensure stakeholders are up-to-date all through any mobile device.

Rules and Workflow Management

Determine organizational processes based on an incident’s type, location, and severity. Then, create sophisticated rules-based workflows for custom activations using simple drag and drop features. For example, when an AI camera detects a person with a weapon, AlertAware automatically activates lockdown procedures, including activity assignments, door lock mechanisms, notifications, and more.

Communication and Collaboration

 Activate automated state-of-the-art mass notification technologies from innovative loudspeakers and desktop overrides to personal notification solutions such as push, SMS, and voice to deliver crisis communications regardless of an individual’s location. Additionally, it is crucial to collaborate with mobile team members to coordinate emergency responses and ensure up-to-date personal information.